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I want to be large in word, deed, and intention. I love you.

Oct 16

A Letter to Myself

Hey there Big Guy!

Look, you’re not in trouble, but we need to talk about some things:

  1. You fall into things way too quickly. Whether it’s an idea, or a hobby, or a girl, you just…you don’t do things halfway. I know that’s not a terribly bad thing…but it’s not practical. Easy does it champ.
  2. You need to stop putting things off. You have awesome ambition, but your follow through sucks really bad. You’re a big boy now, and you shouldn’t have to have people pushing and prodding you to get things done. Do what needs to be done in 2 weeks today if you can. That season of that show can wait.
  3. Stop worrying about things you can’t control. You can’t change other people, and you can’t suddenly make your viewpoint valid to someone who doesn’t want to think your way. Worry about what you can change, and let the rest play out for itself. You’ll be much less stressed.

I really love you, and I want to see you do great things. I know that you have success in you, and it kills me not to see you grabbing it. 

You’re the Best,

Dustin Fowler

P.S.- What you gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside yo trunk? Your booty is the finest. ;)

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